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When coosing a performer? pay attention to the price offered by him? the list of services provided? his reviews and ratting/ The higher the partner's ratting? the higher the quality of its services and the level of reliability. Click "Book" and get the contact details of the artist.

Respond to customers

Specify the cost of providing services in your cards. Answer the customers clarifying questions.

Provide a high-quality service

Statisfied customers in 90 percent of cases leave a positive review and rattiong. This will help you to easily reveive new Orders in the future

Honest direct reviews and ratings from customers to Performers withour pre-moderation

Reviews about LAZAR

Request for a car rental #100
Feedback left 17 february 2019
От души благодарю Lazara за прекрасный день! Аренда автомобиля с водителем обернулась великолепной экскурсией от человека, влюбленного в свою страну! Более чем вменяемые расценки, адекватное обсуждение деталей поездки, комфортный автомобиль, лёгкое и дружелюбное общение!

Reviews about SVJATOSLAV

Request for a bus / minibus rental #36
Feedback left 13 june 2019
Хочу выразить благодарность создателям сервиса, не мог найти подходящий автобус на сайтах. Здесь подал заявку и сразу множество предложений, можно выбрать наиболее подходящее, уже своим знакомым посоветовал найти транспорт с помощью сервиса

Reviews about Андрей

Request for a transfer #114
Feedback left 09 july 2019
Very nice, polite and smart driver! We recommend him.

Reviews about NATASA

Request for a boat rental #51
Feedback left 02 august 2019
Наталья, большое спасибо! Нам очень понравилось!!! От нас всех 13-ти человек :)

Reviews about Михаил

Request for a boat rental #43
Feedback left 03 august 2019
Было отлично!!! Заказывали ещё кейтеринг, кухня понравилась :)

Reviews about Rent a Car MNE

Request for a car rental #211
Feedback left 17 august 2019
отличный автомобиль, то что надо поездить по серпантинам, отличная стоимость аренды, хорошие арендаторы!

Reviews about ILDAR

Request for a car rental #580
Feedback left 06 march 2021
Благодаря вашему сервису нашли авто на прокат в Сухум. Так что с вашим сервисом наш отдых стал не забываемым

Reviews about Mirko

Request for a boat rental #96
Feedback left 23 november 2019
Была уже осень, но мы отлично провели время на яхте с Любимой!!!

Reviews about Вячеслав

Request for a transfer #168
Feedback left 03 september 2019
Спасибо водителю. аккуратное вождение, вежливое обращение с клиентами. Пунктуальность, что очень важно и ценно!

Reviews about Елена

Request for a boat rental #66
Feedback left 12 september 2019
Яхта небольшая, но свои функции выполняет. Сходили по Боке славно, спасибо капитану!

Reviews about Лёва

Request for a transfer #201
Feedback left 25 september 2019
Водитель Лёви - супер! Машина чистая, уже стояло 2 кресла детских. Подача вовремя, приятный по общению. Жена выронила телефон, Лёви поспособствовал тому, чтобы отправить телефон нам! Рекомендую!

Reviews about Kiva rent a car

Request for a car rental #214
Feedback left 26 september 2019
Все было идеально. Встреча, хотя самолет опоздал, машина в отличном техническом состоянии и сдача машины в другом месте. Пунктуальность на отлично. РЕКОМЕНДУЮ.

Reviews about Vladimir

Request for a transfer #316
Feedback left 28 december 2021
Перед Новым годом отдыхали с детьми в чудесной Черногории. Владимир пунктуальный и аккуратный водитель с адекватными ценами, возил нас по всей стране. Всем советую!

Frequently asked questions and answers


  1. Should I pay for searching and booking services on the site?

    For users - customers searching and booking services, as well as all the rest of the functionality of the service is completely free. Prepayment for booking services is not charged. The payment for the selected contractor is made before the service is received in 100% of the amount. In this case, the form, type and currency of payment, as well as other issues, for example, relating to accompanying or closing financial documents - are stated between the customer and the "booked" contractor independently.

  2. Is it necessary for the customer to register in the system?

    It is enough to confirm only your email address. If you wish, you can go through full registration on site. Personal details of the user are reliably closed from viewing and are not transferred to third parties, except for only one partner, which the customer will choose as an executor. If the contractor is not selected, then the contact data will not be transmitted to anyone. If desired, the user's account can be deleted in the personal account.

  3. When should I place my order to receive services in time?

    In most cases, it is best to create your request at least 2-3 days in advance. Placed in advance order will get the most possible number of offers from partners. But there are services, for example, the organized transportation of a group of children by buses,which is required by law to be escorted by traffic police cars. In this case, we recommend you submit your order at least 4 days in advance, if you need 1-2 buses and at least 12 days for the order of 3 or more buses.

  4. How HELPER.TRAVEL save your time and money?

    Save time. Use search on the contrary, spend only 2 minutes to place the order and let the contractors offer their services, and you choose the most optimal offers. Otherwise, it takes hours and days to search on the Internet, comparing services, calling and emailing. Read more here

    Save money. Factors affecting the prices of partners' services are a great many: it is a different distance between service locations, a shortage of the group for a required date and time, passing trips, "free time" between orders, temporary financial difficulties, etc. And just the understanding that several offers from competitors have already been sent to a specific order - allows you to get really favorable prices for your order.

  5. If there is no prepayment for customers, how does the service earn money?

    There is an inexpensive subscription to services for the contractors to get access for the orders.

  6. What are the guarantees to obtain the stated service and the price?

    After the customer has chosen a contractor, both sides receive contact information and can communicate outside the service. According to the rules any force majeure circumstances arisen at one of the parties must be immediately informed to the other party. In accordance with section 8 of the user agreement the price stated by the partner must be complete and final, taking into account the wishes of the client specified in the order. Therefore, we highly recommend all our customers fully provide the terms of the order in the request. is the source of main or additional work for partners, so negative feedback from customers significantly lowers the partner's rating and can lead to the deletion of the account.

  7. In what territory does the service work?

    The countries of presence are indicated on the main page of the site. To find out about a specific city - go to the "Services in cities" section in the basement of the site or in the side menu (on the mobile version). Then select the country, after the city and the desired service.

Any other questions?

You can ask any qyestion you are interested in below in the form a comment. We will answer it/ It may be of interest to other users as well.